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TEACHERS! Want to win a £100 gift voucher?


Have you joined us in the past for a school residential? Could you refer another school to us? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Simply email and copy in the teacher you are referring. We’ll give you a £100 voucher in return! How you use it would be up to you. Choose from our adventure sessions, holiday childcare, birthday parties or putting it towards another residential!

The difference you’re making…

When schools choose us for their residential, they are not only signing up for fun activities linked to the PSHE curriculum, the chance to explore our beautiful self-contained site and a hassle-free trip. They’re also providing a vital contribution to our charity work, where we support Cornish children and young people facing life’s toughest challenges. We work with ~ 4,000 young people a year, of whom 500 face multiple disadvantages including rurality and poverty. Over 200 receive specialist long term support from the charity to face learning and/or physical disabilities, behavioural challenges, mental ill health and other issues associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Our Social Impact Report shows the powerful positive changes we help young people bring about in their lives. Here is just one story from Steph:

Steph was referred to us having been out of school for 8 months. She suffered from high anxiety and would self-harm. She had experienced lots of trauma with the death of a close friend, had a turbulent home life and suffered from alopecia through stress. When she joined us, she engaged well in the activities, learning to recognise her achievements. She also made a friend who she maintained contact with. When we followed up 6 weeks after the sessions, she had returned to mainstream school. Her hair has also begun to grow back. Steph said she learned that “I’m more confident than I think I am.”

By choosing BF Adventure and spreading the word, you’re making a vital difference, so we’d like to say a huge thank you!

Team BF Adventure

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