BF Adventure’s core services remain open

Our charity services are still open

We want to support you during lockdown and luckily are still able to run our core services in line with National Youth Agency Guidance. We can and will remain open and will look to support as many young people in need as is safe to do so through 1:1 provision. If you’ve any questions then please get in touch with us at

Our Online Chatty Café is in full swing!

We have received National Lottery funding to support parents who are impacted by the lockdown. As a result, we’re offering 1:1 online/phone support and group support through our online Chatty Cafe. Please contact for more information!

Tip to take care of yourself during lockdown

Finally, stay safe and take care of yourself! Here are some tips for looking after your mental and physical health during lockdown!

2 thoughts on “BF Adventure’s core services remain open”

    1. Hi there

      No, we offer programs for children ranging from typically 5 or 6 years of age upwards through to adults in their early 30’s. No prior skills are required.

      Many thanks

      BF Adventure

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