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“You guys help my daughter’s confidence grow in ways I’ve never seen from any other organisation, support group or even professional”.

BF Adventure is committed to empowering children and young people to learn differently in the outdoors.

We work with ~ 5,000 young people a year, of whom 500 face multiple disadvantages including rurality and poverty. Over 200 receive specialist long term support from the charity to face learning and/or physical disabilities, behavioural challenges, mental ill health and other issues associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences.

We couldn’t survive without the crucial support from the community. Corporate partners are very important to us and every partnership is different.

As a corporate partner you can get involved as little or as much as is convenient for you. We can offer elements or similar packages if you would like to support us in kind or would like to sponsor one of our many events.

Business challenge event
Business challenge event

Where your money goes


• Cornwall is one of the poorest counties in the UK, with 30k people living in poverty. Its NEET (not in education, employment or training) population is above England’s average for 16-17 year olds and has been growing.
• There is a strong relationship between poverty, child abuse and neglect, as cited by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. It’s our mission to support all children and young people so they can achieve better life outcomes and reverse the impact of poverty.
• Over half of those we support have experienced 5 + Adverse Childhood Experiences.


• We support children and young people on a Journey of Change through a range of adaptable programmes that are designed to meet identified needs. We use our outdoor site to enable them to identify their barriers and to choose their own challenges which will support them to overcome these.
• We use three elements: Trauma Informed Child Development, using Outdoor Education and Green Spaces and Youth Work. Research shows the importance of these approaches and we see the powerful impacts these have on those we support.


Our Social Impact Report shows the powerful positive changes we help young people bring about in their lives. Here are just some of them…


Steph was referred to us having been out of school for 8 months. She suffered from high anxiety and would self-harm. She had experienced lots of trauma with the death of a close friend, had a turbulent home life and suffered from alopecia through stress.

When she joined us, she engaged well in the activities, learning to recognise her achievements. She also made a friend who she maintained contact with.

When we followed up 6 weeks after the sessions, she had returned to mainstream school. Her hair has also begun to grow back.

Steph said she learned that “I’m more confident than I think I am.”


We’re seeing huge changes, however there’s a lot more crucial work to be done:

• For some of the young people, BF Adventure is the only source of education or appropriate social contact as they refuse all other provisions offered.
• As young people gain our trust they also seek advice with us about other subjects such as domestic violence, drug abuse and housing issues.


Phone: 01326 340912

Email: eleanor.devenish@bfadventure.org

Other ways to support us


Check out our Team Away Days! You’ll be showing your company’s CSR values whilst building stronger and more confident teams. You’re guaranteed to have lots of fun too!

Team away day
Outdoor activity centre in Cornwall
Team away day