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We have a beautiful 60 acre site of water-filled quarries, woodland and heathland. The outdoors has a tremendous positive effect on the well-being of the disadvantaged children we support – as well as the businesses, schools and families who use it for team-building and recreation! Our amazing site needs careful looking after – and that’s where you come in! Our team away days involve getting out of the office to work as a team to maintain our outdoor spaces and finish with a free taster session of an adventurous activity – such as zip-lining or abseiling! Previous groups have helped out with planting, clearing, maintaining the pond and wildlife area, weeding and more. We charge £150 for the day per 16 people. Groups can choose to bring their own lunch or enjoy lunch here for £5pp or a total package of £200/group of 16. Your funds will go straight toward our charity work, so you’ll be ticking your CSR box too! This is FREE to any business that is supporting us in other ways and can be offered as part of our Corporate CSR packages.

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We are a charity so by joining us in this outstanding event you will also be ticking the CSR box. We work with 4,000 young people a year, of whom 500 face multiple disadvantages including rurality and poverty. Over 200 receive specialist long term support from the charity to face learning and/or physical disabilities, behavioural challenges, mental ill health and other issues associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Our recent Social Impact Report shows the powerful impacts we have on young people’s lives – 100% of young people told us that we’ve helped them and that they’d recommend us to a friend. Each and every parent/referrer also said that we’d had a positive impact on their child/pupil.

Thank you for supporting us to help more and more disadvantaged people.


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