Bernie’s Blog – 19 miles!

By Clare|April 4, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Bit the bullet and went for a longer ride. The shorts got an airing as I went for a spin around Falmouth and Penryn.   Mostly downhill to Falmouth from home which is great, then a little nip up past Penryn Rugby club and breezed through Penryn, along Ponsarden then up to the High Street from Greenbank. It was there that a guy decided to bump start his little van. I'm no

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Great feedback from Sense Cornwall

By Clare|March 27, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Sense Cornwall Branch recently visited BF Adventure and gave some tremendous feedback We visited BF Adventure yesterday for an activity day as one of our monthly activities and had a fantastic time, for which I would like to thank you on behalf of our other members! Our activity leaders were very supportive of our young people, all of whom have a sensory impairment and additional complex needs. This presented no

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Pendennis support BF Adventure in National Apprentice week

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Pendennis Community Support Initiative Success For the second year running the apprentices at Pendennis Shipyard have provided much needed manual labour as part of the shipyard’s initiative to support the local community during National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) 2017. The company’s apprentices volunteered their time to tackle tasks ranging from gardening projects to fabrication and welding work. Jill Carr, Human Resources Director at Pendennis, explained the initiative: “Each year we are

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Bernie’s blog – Real super heroes don’t wear capes!

By Clare|March 7, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Real super Heroes don’t wear capes! I have been cycling to work most days at the moment and even on the windiest days I have been giving it my all.  However I hit upon a snag the other day. It was a sunny day after some rain, the roads were dry and I was wearing my usual work gear. I almost made it to work when there was an enormous

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Bernie’s Blog – The Hat

By Clare|February 1, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

The Hat I managed a whole week of cycling to work, the weather conditions were just right.  I wear normal clothes for my commute as it is a faff to change out of the lycra. Also I cannot handle the added pressure of lycra just yet.  Lycra gives other road users an expectation of your cycling abilities; you cannot push a bike up a hill in lycra for instance.  Lycra

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Bernie’s Blog – 60 miles!

By Clare|January 24, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

“Signed up for the 60 mile stretch of the Cycle Challenge so I am now officially an athlete in training.  I ride my bike to work fairly regularly, it is about 2 miles each way and starting today I have a means of turning this into part of my training plan.  From today I have taken to riding my bike in the wrong gear so there is extra resistance against

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Annie’s Cycle Blog – Week 3

By Clare|January 19, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Week 3 Cycle Training I suppose in calling the last blog Week 2, you may have made the assumption that the blog would be weekly! My sister is very knowledgeable in recruitment and has used psychometric tests to consider personality types.  She once told me that I am not a 'completer finisher'. So finely honed are her skills that she didn't even need me to complete a test.  I probably

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Coast to Coast Cycle Blog

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A Blog by Annie, training to complete the 38 mile Coast to Coast cycle on 28th May 2017. Week 2 Cycle Training You may be wondering where week one is. There wasn't much to write to be honest.  After an enthusiastic start of downloading Endemondo and googling cycling tips for beginners, I managed to cycle to the shop to buy some double cream for a pudding I was taking to

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Fantastic Feedback adds to the Autumn Sunshine

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The Autumn Sunshine is a wonderful thing, it brings happiness, smiles and a brightness to your day. The same goes to positive feedback and sense of achievement. At BF Adventure we are constantly working towards bringing you, our customers, a great day. We do this by continuing to update our facilities, ensure our staff are fully trained and equip to deliver great sessions and delivering new and exciting challenges. This

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Bolingey Barbarians donate 3 new canoes to BF Adventure

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Bolingey Barbarians have donated three 14ft canoes including paddles, helmets and buoyancy aids to BF Adventure. The canoes will support BF Adventure’s focused charitable programmes, as well as their activity days which raise money to support the overall operation of the charity. The canoes had a special launch when CAAP (Cornwall Accessible Activities Program) came to visit BF Adventure at the end of the summer along with the Bolingey Barbarians.

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