Vital funding from WCYT provides 93 activity sessions

A £4,000 grant was awarded to BF Adventure by West Country Youth Trust in December to support delivery for activity sessions for young people aged 10-21 with disabilities. The grant has provided 21 activity sessions for 93 young people in groups, 1:1, family days and children’s holiday adventure days. The funding has been awarded for a number of years and is vital to continue to support young people with disabilities in Cornwall, who would otherwise not be able to access the provision BF Adventure offers.

The aims of the provision were to provide young people with the opportunity to try new things, work with others and to have fun whilst taking part in adventurous activities in an inclusive environment. Instructors also tailored sessions to meet individual needs by working on outcomes which were bespoke to them.

We asked young people, referrers, family members, group leaders and other agencies working with the participants for feedback on the sessions and this is what they said:

“My son gained confidence and communication skills were improved. My other son also learnt how to help his younger autistic brother achieve tasks… My autistic son is considering joining the local climbing club!” – Family C

“Thank you very much for the opportunity. I would also like to take a moment to praise Seb. He was a credit to BF and the boys loved him. He pushed them enough to make them feel like he believed in them and they might try something new, but backed off when they really weren’t keen…. We really had a fantastic time and that is in no small way thanks to Seb, his enthusiasm, understanding and patience were inspiring.” – Family D

“I’m loving it, this place is awesome, best day ever, I loved it” – Young person J

“E enjoyed all of it.  This offers a unique opportunity which she otherwise would never get to try.  Many places do not cater for children with disabilities.  E gains in her ability to believe in herself, her self-awareness and in her social skills.  She came away smiling, saying it was brilliant.  The tutor for us, allows her to be the person she is… This service is second to none.  All the helpers seem to understand the personal and social skills required… our daughter very seldom joins in a group for lack of social skills, and she is very nervous around strangers.  Long may BF Adventure continue to be high achievers for our children that I believe them to be.” – mother of YP E

“I love the wobbily bridge, canoeing was fun, I enjoyed toasting the marshmallows on the fire” – Young person F

“The instructors were excellent and built a strong rapport with the children adding to the children’s enjoyment of the event. The parents valued the opportunity for their children to access events that would normally be difficult to access due to low incomes.

The children enjoyed the physical activities and developing confidence in trying new activities.  Being able to meet with their peers helped them develop their understanding of Dyslexia and they are not alone. The parents welcomed the opportunity to meet in a safe place whilst their children were engaged in stimulating activities. The parents were able to discuss their concerns and gain the knowledge to support their children.” – Cornwall Dyslexia

To find out more about funded sessions at BF Adventure contact or 01326 340912

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