STOPTOBER is here….

Stoptober comes just in time to support BF Adventure’s new non-smoking on-site policy following a long transition period whereby we supported our young people and clients to start to consider and implement cutting down the number of cigarette breaks they had during their activity days with us.

As an outdoor activity centre, we promote healthy lifestyles and encourage people, no matter who these may be (even our staff need encouragement at times) to consider their existing habits and whether or not these can be challenged and improved.  Despite offering information, advice and guidance around smoking before this change, we have now upped our game even more and have plenty of resources and trained staff to support day visitors and the smokers amongst our longer term clients in considering cutting down or at least refraining from smoking whilst on site.

Stoptober is a great way to start the journey to ’kicking the habit’, not only do the NHS send out free resources when you join but there is also plenty of support from fellow ‘Stoptoberer’s’ via Facebook and Twitter.  Why not stash away the pennies you would have usually spent on cigarettes and see what new clothes you can buy at the end of the month?  Or, every time you get a craving why not do 10 star jumps instead?  There are plenty of ideas and support in order to get you started, by Halloween you won’t want to go back to quick fag breaks out in the cold winter weather; instead, you will be enjoying tastier food, more shopping trips or perhaps more cuddles off the Grandkids because you’ll no longer be the smelly, smoky person September saw.

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