So far so good!

Tuesday 12th March,

The eggs have been set and since 10am so far all is well!

The cradle is rocking back and forth slowly and methodically and I have been obsessively monitoring the temperature by checking the thermometer (every five minutes or so) for most of the day, despite the flashing indicator light assuring me that all is ok and that the heat is optimal.   Several young people have visited the office to check how things are going and there is much excitement at the prospect of the new arrivals.  Much chatter about what sort of chickens we’ll hatch and how many will make it has been fun and questions such as ‘Why do we want chickens?’ and ‘Why are you so weird?’ remind me why it is such a great project to be involved in.

I am trying to ignore the incubator now and get on with some work because I spent some time over lunch staring so intently at a blue egg that I am convinced that it moved…  Its going to be a long few weeks!

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