Sarah Newton MP visits NCS group

NCS is a once–in-a-lifetime opportunity open to all 15 and 17 year olds across England and Northern Ireland. It is a unique four week full-time programme focused around fun and discovery, with participants volunteering at least 30 hours to a community project they create to address an issue important to them. BF Adventure is the local delivery partner for 16 young people from Helston, Falmouth and Penryn and works closely with The Cornwall College Group, joining their cohorts for the first two weeks of the programme. Helen Holmes, NCS Co-ordinator for The Cornwall College Group (TCCG), explained: “The NCS programme has gone from strength to strength in the county due to the close working partnership between TCCG and BF Adventure. This year we have seen more students than ever sign up to the exciting programme that enables them to step out of their comfort zone, make a difference in their local communities and gain skills for the future; as well as lots of friends in the process. However there’s more to be done. Across the county there are more than 5,000 eligible young people for the programme and this summer collectively we have 200 students between us. Therefore it’s great to have our local MPs supporting the youngsters and making the time to come and see them on their programme and listen to their ideas as these young people are our citizens of the future.

“Our working partnership with BF Adventure has been recognised nationally by NCS as an example of good practice and I’m currently preparing a case for the trust. I believe this works because of our shared passion for the programme; long may it continue.”

The NCS students from BF Adventure near Penryn were visited on 10th July 2015 by MP Sarah Newton at Penryn Campus Falmouth University and University of Exeter. Sarah Newton is very impressed with the NCS programme and spent some time discussing the Social Action plan and the group’s views on the legal age to vote. The group were really interested in the conversation and asked some great questions. Rhianna Read, NCS student said “Sarah Newton was very interesting to talk to, she listened to our points of view and was very interested in what we said. The NCS programme has been brilliant, it has given me confidence in the decisions I make and made me realise although working in a team is hard it is worth the effort.”

The programme is designed to create a more cohesive society by mixing young teenagers from a wide variety of backgrounds, while supporting their transition into adulthood by enabling them to develop essential skills for work and life.

NCS also empowers young people to come together to create and deliver a community project of their choice, addressing a local issue for the benefit of others.

1.5 million hours have already been volunteered by tens of thousands NCS graduates to communities across England and Northern Ireland since 2011.

Adrian Richards BF Adventure CEO said, “We would like to thank Sarah Newton for visiting the group, it was great to see the young people so enthusiastically engaged with Sarah Newton and discussing the positive change they could make in their community. BF Adventure has been involved in the NCS programme since it began in 2011. It has been a privilege to see the change and effect this programme has made on young people over the years and to have been a part of the process. We hope to see many more in the future.”

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