Room Renovations!

We are proud to now present our newly refurbished rooms here at BF Adventure. A big thank you to Cornwall Council Children and Family Service for awarding us the Youth Grant that has made this possible! Also, thank you to all our lovely volunteers who have helped us along the way (especially Jo!)

A few months ago BF Adventure staff were paired up and allocated a room to renovate by randomly drawing a name from a hat. They were then given a budget for each room and asked to work collaboratively with our young people to think of a design theme for each room. Over the past few months staff, volunteers and young people have been painting, designing and decorating to make our ‘learning spaces’ a safe, relaxed and fun environment for all.

– Big Hoggs Pit has been freshened up with a new coat of paint and two new bean bags.

– Little Hoggs Pit now has an underwater, submarine theme including two new shiny sea coloured bean bags, dark blue and gold paint and an array of vinyl under the sea stickers.

– LB1 is proud to be Cornish. It has had new carpet, a new bookcase and some beautiful artwork added to the walls. This includes a painting of the Cornish Map labeling all our local towns and another painted with Chalk Board paint to create an image of the Cornish Flag.

– Our Sensory and Thrive Rooms have both been injected with some fresh new resources including: Puppets, water beads, jelli baff and slime baff, kinetic play sand, anti-stress squeeze balls, a percussion set, therapeutic putty and more!

– The Art Room now has two feature walls; one painted with magnetic paint and the other as a blackboard. The grant has also allowed us to purchase items such as: chalk markers, assorted plasticine, giant multi-coloured ink pads, paint sets, wax crayons, magnetic shapes and printing and stamping pads.

What do our young people have to say about the new rooms?

‘I think it was a good investment.’

‘The room renovation project has encouraged us to work as a team.’

‘The rooms show our personalities, they come through in the rooms.’

‘They’re really nice!

What do you think about our new rooms? Comment below!

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