Project Elder

Our social action project was Project Elder and it aimed to bridge the gap between the young and the elderly. During the past few weeks we have taken part in a wide range of activities to raise awareness and money to support older people living in care homes to have a good quality of life.

We selected the Cornwall Care Charity because they provide a series of care homes in Cornwall and plan to use any money raised to provide activities to engage older people and enable them to continue to enjoy their time in the care home.

We decided to raise money by doing a bag pack at the local Asda, a cake sale at Helston Community College and a flash mob in Truro Square. The bag pack at Asda raised over £300, thank you to everyone who donated. We used the opportunity to tell the people we encountered about our project. Another opportunity we had was to visit Helston Community College and sell cake. This was ideal because we were able to sell cake to raise funds and to raise awareness to our target audience, the younger generation. This was important because we would get the younger generation involved with our project. This was part of our mission statement. For the flash mob half of our group decided to dress up as our grandparents would have as teenagers. This was mainly to raise awareness for our campaign to engage the elderly in activities with each other.

At the beginning we met up with a representative from Cornwall Care and Engage 4 Life to explain and promote our project and we went to Godolphin House to spend some time engaging with the residents and hearing their stories.

We enjoyed fundraising and promoting our project because young or old, everyone need company.

By 2015 NCS Students Sky, Kell, Sam, Sam, Olivia, Hannah, Shannon, Rhianna, Amy, Niamh, Sophie, Jayde, Katy, Kathryn, Kara

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