With the new and exciting addition of our climbing wall built by Hangfast last year we are pleased to announce that we can roll out Level 1 and 2 of the National Indoor Climbing Wall Award Scheme (NICAS) to young people that climb at BF Adventure thanks to the hard efforts of Georgie, one of our skills for life instructors.

This award will be open to a whole range of young people!

For people who pop in and have a go at climbing we can issue out “have a go certificates” with information on how to get into climbing and aims at motivating them.

NICAS level 1 and 2 is based around having a log book and is for young people who attend BF Adventure on multiple occasions.  NICAS level 1 is all about learning to climb safely and Level 2 is for young people that climb fairly often over a period of time and looks at promoting good practice leading to more unsupervised experience and independence. Both these programmes will be great for those attending Holiday Adventures or involved on longer programmes at BF Adventure.

NICAS can also be included as part of your D of E Award and fits nicely into the national curriculum and GCSE’s, this link explains more

More on the awards can be found on the NICAS website:

This handy video explains the scheme a bit better:

Future aspirations include extending the wall so we can consider the options of the National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS) and also possible moving up to NICAS level 3… but at the moment our wall is not quite big enough :S

For more information, please contact Gerogie on 01326 340 912 or



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