NCS Social Action Day 2019

Social Action Day 2019

Back in April all graduates from NCS 2018 were welcomed back to complete a project here at the BF Adventure site. This event was also open to anybody that had signed up NCS Summer 2019.

This is an annual event, and this year was organised by the local youth board run by Young People Cornwall.

Everybody was invited to donate just one Saturday and become part of a national movement. Most of those that got involved had already made a difference when they were on their NCS journey, so we knew they had it in them to get stuck in.

Sensible shoes or boots were recommended along with a good breakfast to provide some much-needed energy for a busy day of digging!

Still making a difference, even after NCS is complete

Saturday 6th April 2019 was the NCS Social Action Day this year. This was a day dedicated to doing good in the local community. The young people were given the opportunity to team up with like-minded people and make positive changes at the BF Adventure site. As it was a joint event with Young People Cornwall it was also a chance for everybody to continue meeting new people and make even more friends.

The day saw everybody getting involved with environmental and mental health projects developed by the graduates of NCS 2018. It comprised planting trees around the site and some more work to the sensory garden. Team building activities were also included along with other activities based around the environment and mental health awareness.

As a thank you for taking part, the day ended with a BBQ for all of those that got involved. This was a great way to round off a very successful day!

NCS upcoming events…

The next NCS event is on Saturday 25th May – a BBQ for all summer 2019 sign ups. It should be a great evening so don’t forget to book your tickets:

To book free tickets please visit our Facebook page

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