My Day Volunteering @ BF

It was great to be back volunteering last week, I have been volunteering at BF Adventure in different areas for about a year now and have loved every minute.  Last week I worked with a young person on a 1:1 that is on a skills for life program. The day’s activities with instructor Jeni started at 10am, when I was introduced to the young person and we went into our room to prepare for the days adventures. We did some drawing and I realised there was going to be a very strong water and shark influence on the day. We built a boat from Jenga blocks then had a competition to see who could build the tallest tower, it is great to see how drawing a boat can lead onto other activities. We discussed the day ahead and decided what we would do, leaving variables with the ability to change depending on the weather, the mood and the activities available.

After a quick snack we headed to the canoe quarry. I have been here on many occasions floating around in a canoe, looking at the dragon flies and watching others swim but today was going to be different! We put on wetsuits, buoyancy aids and set sail with 2 canoes. Soon I was to discover the need for the second canoe………… the first was tied to the pontoon and we went out on the second, the paddles were thrown overboard and a very practised capsize was displayed as I was sent plunging into the water. We had an incredible time trying to escape the sharks by climbing on the capsized canoe, jumping off the pontoon and swimming for the paddles, surprisingly I didn’t feel cold with my winter wetsuit and the exertion of the activity. The Canoes were put away, we changed into our dry clothes and went up to the reception area to warm up with some lunch and a lovely hot chocolate.

The afternoon adventures began on the zip wire. I am slightly scared of heights but was shown the way by our young person and screamed like a girl all the way down, much to everyone’s amusement! It was exhilarating to be flying down the zip wire and I felt a sense of achievement for conquering my fear.

We headed down to the low ropes for the last part of the day. A great sea adventure transpired with areas that were the boat, to climb the rigging and the shark infested waters.  There were lots of shouts of sharks approaching, helping hands to save the victims and screams of joy at reaching safety.

These activity days are designed to help young people believe in themselves and gain the skills and accreditations to succeed at school or to find employment. It was an incredible day of fun but also of accomplishment. For me, I overcame my sense of fear on the zip wire and I spent the day in the fresh air exercising with a great bunch of people. For the young person I spent the day with, it meant a whole lot more……..

There are no photos of the young person involved in my day volunteering due to Safeguarding.

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