Help us double our impact!

Do you know anyone with a spare £2,000,000 or so!?!?

BF Adventure has for 30 years supported Cornish young people and especially those young people with learning and/or physical disabilities, behavioral challenges, mental ill health and other issues often associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Our West Cornwall 60-acre education site together with our highly skilled team delivers flexible programmes of inclusive, adventurous outdoor activities for over 3000 children, young people and their families a year.

We could double our reach and impact and operate across the whole of the county and even into Devon if we had a site in the East of the county!

That site exists, is at Lanlivery near St Austell, has woodland, ponds for water activities and an accessible climbing tower, zip wire and challenge course and we have run groups there this year…BUT the site was owned by Roselyon school whom have had to close and it’s now for sale!

Our dream would be to own the site and to run programmes to support all young people whom could benefit, all we need is a friendly millionaire or two…….if you know anyone please send them our way!

“Having a permanent base in the East of Cornwall would be a dream come true for us, we could then reach and support young people from across Cornwall and beyond its borders, Young people facing massive challenges in their lives whom with our help and support can truly build brighter futures.” BF Adventure CEO Adrian Richards.

About Churchtown farm Lanlivery

In the 1970s Churchtown was a family run dairy farm and the residents of the village would often see the cows make their trek from field to farm. The farm was sold in 1975 to become an adventure and field studies centre for children with cerebral palsy working closely with schools. Churchtown went through many changes moving away from education and into leisure and being passed from Scope to the Winged Fellowship Trust (later known as Vitalise) in 2001. In 2011, Vitalise made the decision to pull out of Churchtown Farm. Scope temporarily stepped in but eventually the decision was made to close the site. Many of the external buildings were sold off leaving local residents and former staff worried the site would become housing. However, Church town’s rooms became full of life again when Roselyon School moved to the stunning site in 2018 but unfortunately with low pupil numbers the school was forced to close in July 2019 and its future now sits with Administrators.

About BF Adventure 

BF Adventure is a Charity and outdoor activity centre (open to the public) based near Falmouth and Penryn in Cornwall.

Our Mission:

“Inspiring, challenging and motivating people, especially young people, to develop their life skills to bring about positive change.”

Every year BF Adventure, formerly known as Bishop’s Forum, helps hundreds of disadvantaged and disabled children and adults in Cornwall to believe in themselves and gain the skills and accreditations to succeed at school or to find employment.

On 60 acres of land including three former granite quarries, we also offer exciting adventure activities, corporate team building days, private parties, schools & clubs and our very popular holiday adventure days for children aged 7+ years.

Today the charity operates across the county of Cornwall with an excellent staff team and skilled group of Volunteers. BF Adventure works with statutory bodies and voluntary and private sector organisations concerned with the well-being of young people, particularly those disadvantaged through social deprivation, physical and mental disability and and behavioural or learning difficulties. To directly support the Charity, BF Adventure also has many years’ experience providing multi activity days and residentials for schools from throughout Cornwall and beyond.



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