What happens in Week 2 of NCS Summer @ BF Adventure?

Week 2 of NCS Summer 2019 @ BF Adventure
So what happens in week 2?

In week 2 the young people will again be away from home for a week of new experiences. As in week 1 this phase is also carefully planned out to ensure they can take away as much as possible from the experience.

Here’s a small insight into what’s planned, we don’t want to give too much away…

How will days start?

Each morning a good breakfast will be provided, followed by a team briefing on what’s planned for the day. Some mornings will involve a trip out in the local communities with different activities set up to help to really get to know these areas.

What will happen in the afternoons?

Everybody will be provided with a packed lunch to enjoy wherever they are. Let’s hope the sun is shining to make these yummy lunches even more enjoyable! After lunch more activities are planned that will include fun ways of learning essential life skills. They will be having such a good time they won’t even realise they are unearthing new skills.

What’s planned for the evenings?

An enjoyable dinner will be provided, but, this week each team will take their turn to prepare, cook and clean up afterwards. Don’t worry though, they will be supported by the Team Leader and Mentor and will also be provided with very clear instructions. We do realise that this may be a whole new experience for some!!

After dinner there is even more planned so there will be no opportunities for anybody to get bored.

Where will this take place?

This time based slightly closer to home and either at a local university campus or here at the BF Adventure site. This phase may not be quite as adventurous but we can guarantee there will still be a whole lot of laughter!

Week 2 focus

This phase is all about discovery. Everything has been designed to allow the young people to develop independent living skills and support their transition to adulthood. They will all be given the opportunity to experience what life could be like if they go away to University or to work.


There is still time for sign up’s so head over to the NCS website quickly as spaces are running out, please don’t miss out!



What happens next?

More information on what happens during the final stages of the NCS experience to follow soon

Upcoming NCS Events

Please don’t forget that we have an NCS information evening coming up on Wednesday 17th April starting at 6.30pm here at the BF Adventure site. The evening will be a great opportunity to find out more and meet people who have already signed up.  To book onto this evening or any of the other planned events please check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/BF-Adventure-104390038444/events/

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