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A Blog by Annie, training to complete the 38 mile Coast to Coast cycle on 28th May 2017.

Week 2 Cycle Training

You may be wondering where week one is. There wasn’t much to write to be honest.  After an enthusiastic start of downloading Endemondo and googling cycling tips for beginners, I managed to cycle to the shop to buy some double cream for a pudding I was taking to another Christmas knees up.  Not the actions of a committed athlete in training and not worthy of writing about.

Week two has begun in earnest.

So, I’m 44, have arthritis caused by being born with a club foot and having different leg lengths which has caused uneven wear and tear on my joints.  I’m on the cusp of a normal BMI if I lie about my height and have been steadily increasing in weight the last few years.  A good enough reason in itself to get active.

In addition, BF Adventure is important to me, having volunteered and worked there.  I’ve also had the privilege of working with many young people who have turned their lives around in part due to the support they received by the team at BF. After being told about the amazing dinner and dance being organised but not being able to go, we agreed we’d take part in the cycle challenge.

I don’t know much about cycling.  I assumed my elderly mountain bike was up to the job and I could put some thinner tyres on it.  Cycle Logic in Helston were really helpful, giving me the pros and cons of my options, after much deliberation and total avoidance of my current account status, I bought a road bike.  It’s got ridiculously thin wheels which you couldn’t possibly balance on and when Shane at Cycle Logic was helpfully adjusting the bike to the right dimensions, I was attempting to quell my hysteria that I was going to fall off, despite my husband and Shane propping me up.

I’m so pleased that I bought my bike locally.  Shane clearly knows what he is talking about and unknowingly is now my lifetime cycling coach.  I felt intimidated by my road bike, after having the solidity of a mountain bike, but Shane was very reassuring and gave me advice on using the toe guards but taking the straps off until I got my confidence up.

We went for a short cycle as soon as we got home.  I love my new bike! While getting some tutoring from my more knowledgeable other half (just on cycling, not all subjects), I had conquered a hill I had been dreading without much of an issue.

The next day I gave up my lie in – something that doesn’t come easily to me and set off to cycle to Coverack from Wendron.  After a shaky start getting my padded shorts caught on the seat trying to cross the A394 all went well.  There were some serious climbs and I did get off and walk but I haven’t quite mastered changing gear in time.  When cars passed me if I was walking I pretended to have stopped deliberately to admire the scenery and have a drink.  I’m sure I wasn’t fooling anyone but I did get to see some beautiful views.  I was really pleased with how it went today, that was until I realised I had a pebble dashed backside which smelt like something that had come out of the back end of a cow.

16 miles completed this week.  Onward and upward.

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