Broody Hen!

Monday 11th March,

In the corner of the office at BF Adventure there now sits a yellow capsule emitting a comforting, low and continuous hum.  I collected the incubator from a friendly neighbour this morning, Joanna Green, who kindly agreed to loan it to us for our hatchery project.  This weekend I took my three year old to her new favourite place, Redruth Poultry, to see Guy Baldwin and collect the fertilised eggs that he too has donated to us and our project.  We now have 20 eggs in total, all different shapes, colours and sizes.  They are cool to the touch and sit on a dark shelf waiting to for the right time to be set and blossom into life.

I have become a broody hen – anxious that something may befall the clutch whilst I pop out to the kitchen to make lunch and I have found myself guarding the corner of the office fiercely to make sure that a hungry instructor doesn’t accidently try to scramble or poach my charges.  Thankfully Paul Lakeman, who’s diet seems to consist almost entirely of eggs is off today and by the time he returns they will be safely in the incubator!

This afternoon I have enlisted some help from Reece to set the eggs in their tray, where they will be safely ensconced until the ‘Big day’ (tomorrow).

We expect to suffer a few losses but hopefully we will end up with 16-18 birds which will be a variety of breeds.  Some will be White Leghorns and we think there are a few French Marans and some Legbar (thanks Jo!) but as for the rest we are not sure.

It’s going to be a really eggs-citing few weeks and we will keep you updated on how things progress!

 The Broody Hen

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