BF Adventure celebrates outstanding Matrix report

The matrix Standard is a unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals

Following the update regarding BF Adventures Matrix reaccreditation success, the charity would like to share a few highlights from the report.

Areas of particular strength:

  • BF Adventure has a positive approach to collaborative working and works extensively with partners to achieve its objectives.
  • Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and there were many comments about the high level of service provided by the team.
  • The relationships with a range of other organisations mean that BF Adventure has a wealth of knowledge and information about services and agencies. This then allows BF Adventure to signpost and refer clients in line with their stated remit.
  • Partners referred to BF Adventure as having a high level of expertise and knowledge and described the team as ‘responsive’, ‘good partners’ and ‘always focused on clients’.
  • Clients were consistently positive about the support provided by staff and struggled to identify suggestions for improvement other than those relating to wanting to have more opportunities to attend the centre.
  • Staff demonstrated a commitment to supporting the needs of clients and to providing a bespoke service to individuals that reflects the ‘spirit of the Standard’.
  • The effectiveness of the service is demonstrated by the success in making a positive difference to clients other agencies have struggled to support.

Since the review in 2013 BF Adventure has made a number of changes that have strengthened the approach to the way it is structured and managed. The restructure into the Activity Centre and Charity Programmes, and the grouping of staff into departments (each managed by a Programme Coordinator) has clarified reporting lines.  It has enabled individuals to be matched to roles aligned to their strengths and preferences, whilst retaining the ability to work flexibly as required.

The staff matrix has been deployed and is a useful tool to support the appraisal, learning and development and career progression conversations. The communications framework has provided a clear meetings structure through which BF Adventure plans and reviews progress against its objectives. When asked to comment on the changes, feedback from staff was positive.

The work to define outcomes that cross BF Adventure has culminated in the online tool that provides a means through which to monitor and evaluate the impact on clients of information and advice for a number of outcomes. BF Adventure has built the tool around The Young’s Cluster of Capabilities model. This model tracks improvements in a variety of soft skills. The tool enables client information to be held centrally in an easy to use and accessible way. The move to the online tool has removed the need for paper based records and manual reporting processes. It has also brought with it a range of benefits including reduced paper use, improved security of data, improved reporting systems and access to information.

BF Adventure is always striving to improve its facilities, services, systems, staff structure and management. The Charity is proud of this recognition of improvement highlighted in the Matrix report and aims to continue developing its service and delivery, to further meet the needs of disadvantaged young people from across Cornwall.

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