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The Hat

I managed a whole week of cycling to work, the weather conditions were just right.  I wear normal clothes for my commute as it is a faff to change out of the lycra. Also I cannot handle the added pressure of lycra just yet.  Lycra gives other road users an expectation of your cycling abilities; you cannot push a bike up a hill in lycra for instance.  Lycra means I have to cycle further, faster and no getting off and pushing.  Frankly I look ridiculous enough without the padded shorts- hi vis waistcoat, neon pink helmet with the little head hugger hat underneath. I love the little hat though as it keeps my ears warm

I was hoping to get out on the bike on Sunday morning but the weather was SO bad, even Mr Snow decided against it (an avid cyclist he usually goes out in all weathers).  This week my road bike will be set up indoors as a trainer so I can get some training done whatever the weather.

So the week was uneventful apart from the day I took my helmet off and forgot to take the little skull cap thing off and spent a good half hour looking like Cardinal Wolsey(hence the picture) and on Friday morning out of the corner of my eye I swear I saw a Silver Ford Fiesta lurking in the corner of a field….

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