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Real super Heroes don’t wear capes!

I have been cycling to work most days at the moment and even on the windiest days I have been giving it my all.  However I hit upon a snag the other day. It was a sunny day after some rain, the roads were dry and I was wearing my usual work gear. I almost made it to work when there was an enormous puddle in the road! Like the Bear Hunt, I can’t go over it, I can’t go under it,  I tried going around it but ran out of hedge so there was nothing for it, I had to go…..back up the road and look for an alternate route.  Anyone that knows me will understand I have no sense of direction- literally none.  I had to follow the fire exits to get out of a supermarket’s warehouse once, as I got lost looking for a delivery!

I parked my bike to ring for directions and as luck would have it my Knight in Shining Armour was coming towards me in a big green BF Adventure van.  Tony our lovely volunteer was on his way to a pick up and stopped to see if I was OK.  I explained my puddle problem, he bundled the bike in the van, i jumped in and did a nifty turning manoeuvre and gave me a lift past the flood. What a hero!  I now have a back up plan in case the puddle reappears; a pair of wetsuit shoes, zip off trousers and a towel.

Onto Storm Doris- that was a storm in a teacup down our way!  Doris; not a very ominous storm name, sounds like a friend of your Nan’s.  “Your Nan rang, can you give her and Doris a lift to bingo?” I cycled to work that morning, no problem at all just a bit windy.  The way home however was more of a trial, the blustering wind blew me about a lot. I was cycling head on into the wind, it was no fun at all. I was determined to make it home so I pulled my fight face and peddled on.  My fight face is the one where I look like a really angry hamster!  Fight face, winning face, game face it’s the same facial expression where losing is never an option.  The photos are a couple of examples of the expressions that get pulled.  I made it home, albeit a little slower than usual.

Indoor training is going well, if a little dull.  As the evenings get lighter I shall cycle into Falmouth for my KIK classes and take the long way home from work.  I am still cycling in the wrong gear, which is going well, my legs are getting a bit stronger.  I will keep you posted!


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