Bernie’s Blog – 60 miles!

“Signed up for the 60 mile stretch of the Cycle Challenge so I am now officially an athlete in training.  I ride my bike to work fairly regularly, it is about 2 miles each way and starting today I have a means of turning this into part of my training plan.  From today I have taken to riding my bike in the wrong gear so there is extra resistance against the pedals and my legs are working harder.  I look ridiculous but it works for me.

At my keep fit class I have been doing leg raises with weights on my ankles in the hope this will strengthen my legs as well.

Training proper from next weekend so will keep you posted.  Main objectives; stay upright, avoid the Lady in the Ford Fiesta that is trying to kill me, get fit and raise some money.   If you see me out and about give me a wave but don’t expect a wave back as my balance is pretty poor!

No photos this time as I left my phone at home but if you imagine this staff profile pic but my face is a bit redder, slightly runny nose and hair that looks like British Aerospace have put me in a wind tunnel to test my aerodynamics, that’s the look I was rocking yesterday when I got home. “

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