Bernie’s Blog – 19 miles!

Bit the bullet and went for a longer ride. The shorts got an airing as I went for a spin around Falmouth and Penryn.   Mostly downhill to Falmouth from home which is great, then a little nip up past Penryn Rugby club and breezed through Penryn, along Ponsarden then up to the High Street from Greenbank.

It was there that a guy decided to bump start his little van. I’m no expert but I don’t think it is a good idea to roll out of a parking space backwards and downhill. I got safely out of his way to see how this would pan out. Fair play he went from ‘slightly out of control’ to ‘engine spluttered into life’ in a flash which makes me think he always starts his van like that!

Did a ‘oncer’ through the town centre, and around Pendennis Point. No ice cream for me, I am an athlete in training! Off to Swanpool and then up,up up out through Treverva, past BF Adventure (I sped up there in case I saw anyone I know) and then up again back home.

19 miles in total and I rode the whole way, apart from a couple of stops for wafer and to fix my mud guard. By fix I mean pulling it off and stuffing it in my bag! A great day out and I collared some people I know for sponsorship on my way too!

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