Apprenticeship Blog – Week 2

The Apprenticeship Blogs – Week 2 

Our second week started with us getting in some more practice setting up the climbs in both the east crag and slab areas of the adventure quarry. After doing this a few times we then moved onto learning about some more climbing techniques. 

The focus of Tuesday was on helping with some site maintenance, which involved us moving the many bags of firewood kindly donated to us by a local framing company. This was followed by doing checks on all our waterproof gear. 

We spent the following day having an induction with our tutor from our apprenticeship training provider, channel training. Throughout the day we were introduced to all of  the courses they were offering and completed several short assessments to allow the training program to be designed towards our individual needs.  

On Thursday morning we had soft skills training, reviewing what we had learnt about how to plan and review a session. One of the key things we learned was the different zones that people may be in. There was three, C, P, and S and we learnt how to make sure that everyone is receptive during the activity and that while they aren’t bored and not being pushed, they aren’t being pushed too much or becoming distressed.  

Thursday afternoon we received some training on the zip wire. We were shown all the equipment, how it works and how to set up / dismantle it correctly and safely. We also covered rescues and how to deliver a session. 

Friday was wet and cold so after practicing our climbing setups we moved into our local indoor climbing centre, Granite Planet and proceeded to work some more on our technique, rope work and our belaying skills. 

Harrison Clark, Jessica Campbell, Chyden Barns 


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