Apprentice Diary week 8

The Apprenticeship Blogs – Week 8 

The week after half term we spent Monday and Tuesday working on session and assisting groups on the core side of the charity. This was really helpful because it meant that we could put everything we had learned over half term from the training into actual sessions and real young people. Although we didn’t need to use any of the emergency situations practice, it was still good to focus on the other things such as adventure quarry.  

On Wednesday we got back into canoes and continued our training as well as working on our rescues. We learnt the best / most efficient ways of rescuing a capsized / sunken canoe as well as how to rescue other people including one’s incapable of climbing up or people who aren’t as flexible or who are so cold that they’ve perhaps lost dexterity and so are unable of helping themselves up.  

Thursday, we took our first look at throw ropes and tow ropes. We spent the morning in the barn and practised our throwing and went over the different stages of what to do if someone needs rescuing. In the afternoon we moved back into kayaks and focused on rescues again. It was good fun and we learned a lot and practised some of the rescue / throwing / towing methods we had learnt earlier.  

Lastly, on Friday we went back to climbing and did some preparation for the school group that came in the following Monday. We practised our group management some more before working on our climbing techniques and perfecting the different belaying devices. We started in the adventure barn onsite before moving outside and onto our East crag which made it easier to focus more on our coaching skills.  

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