Apprentice Diary week 7

The Apprenticeship Blogs – Week 7 

Monday marked the start of half term training week for the staff at BF! This day was focused on looking at some of the updates to BF’s policies and how some of the activities we offer are delivered. We also learned where to find them and teamed up to give different presentations regarding different situations as well as different policies. In the afternoon we moved outside and practiced climbing situations and worked in groups to problem solve different scenarios such as someone not wanting to come down, someone having a knot tied wrong and someone who has hurt both ankles and cannot climb. 

On Tuesday we did manual handling training and how to lift / work in a safe manner. We then did COSHH, (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health), which taught us about the important warnings on labels and how to correctly store items. Afterwards we moved towards the zip wire and again split into groups to problem solve different situations such as if someone got their hair stuck in a gri gri or what to do at the bottom if someone got stuck. We also came up with some games to do while on the zip wire to stop it from becoming boring or repetitive. At the end of the day we did some update training in the adventure quarry and split into two teams to come up with ideas for future games and potential activities that we could build and create that would be risk assessed and safe.  

Wednesday and Thursday we helped to deliver two HAD (Holiday Activity Day[s]) and worked alongside instructors Patrick and Amber. It was good fun and nice to be on the ground working with young people and having that break from training, no matter how fun it all is. On top of all of that it also helped us gain real life experience, putting what we had learned into practice and receiving feedback from clients and young people. 

Finally, on Friday we focused on archery. In the morning we split into groups again and looked at the different stages of shooting an arrow. We made notes and came up with presentations and demonstrations / games to explain what we had learnt and to show how we would pass that information onto groups and young people. It was brilliant and interesting to see how different people came up with different ideas and how they had different thought processes and different ideas. It was good fun to play the different games and joke around with the BF team.  

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