Annie’s Cycle Blog – Week 3

Week 3 Cycle Training

I suppose in calling the last blog Week 2, you may have made the assumption that the blog would be weekly!

My sister is very knowledgeable in recruitment and has used psychometric tests to consider personality types.  She once told me that I am not a ‘completer finisher’. So finely honed are her skills that she didn’t even need me to complete a test.  I probably wouldn’t have finished it anyway.

So that leads me on to my training for this week.  I work full time so have found myself leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark.  Not really conditions conducive to cycle training, so I realised I needed an alternative approach during the week.  I found I had neck and shoulder ache after my long cycle last week so began the week by doing some yoga.  There’s loads of videos on  the internet but if you haven’t done it before it would be helpful to go to a class.  The yoga really helped my muscles that had been shocked into use by the cycling.  I’ve also signed up to a crazy aerobic exercise class, and spent the hour going the opposite way to everyone else and being rewarded by a round of applause for the new girl at the end.

Clearly part of my training is procrastinating by surfing the sedentary waves of the web and I found an article on the British Cycling Association website about how much happier cyclists are than the general population! This made me sad I hadn’t been out on my bike.

Finally it was the weekend and freezing cold temperatures and gale force winds made me wimp out of attempting balancing on the razor thin wheels.

Total mileage count this week … An embarrassing 0.

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