Amys courage defies all odds

Amy was diagnosed with a sarcoma just over a year ago, due to this diagnosis Amy had to face the fact that she would have to either lose her entire left leg and part of her pelvis or her life. The doctors said it would be unlikely that Amy would get a prosthetic due to the rare form of amputation she had to have and Amy would have to be a wheelchair user for the rest of her life. As a horse rider and instructor Amy was completely devastated.

A friend exclaimed: “Amy has always been very stubborn and she has since defied all odds! Her amputation was only in November and she is already able to walk on her prosthetic that the doctors didn’t think she would be strong enough to use. Before getting her prosthetic leg and whilst getting used to it she refused to use a wheelchair and used crutches to hop around like a flamingo on her one leg!! (Next fancy dress costume is easily sorted!!)”

Hannah and another of her close friends, Coup, we’re given the task of organising a hen party for this stubborn friend and they stumbled upon BF Adventure. Hannah exclaimed: “It looked great from the website. However BF Adventure went way above and beyond our expectations. Amy was concerned before she got there but the fantastic members of staff Seb and Jake put her at ease doing everything they could without being patronising. She loved the zip wire and her confidence was brimming by the time she got to the abseiling activity! Unfortunately, Amy decided she wanted to be a bit too brave and fell over before she started the abseil. Seb was fantastic, he suggested several ways for Amy to still complete the activity. Although her confidence was knocked momentarily and nerves took over she managed to get down the ramp with another member of our group. Seb and Jake were constantly encouraging and she was so happy when she had reached the bottom!”

“Amy is thrilled and boasting to people about her achievement. I haven’t seen her this happy in so long, this has meant so much to her, and us so THANK YOU!!!!!”

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to Seb for making my hen do activity day so fantastic!! With only having lost my leg 6 months ago I would never have imagined doing what I did on Saturday!! Thanks to Seb I have managed to achieve what on paper would be the impossible!!! It was great to be treated exactly like the able bodied people and was the best day ever!!! My next task is to get back in the saddle. Thank you again!!” Says Amy the hen =)

The challenge of a lifetime will be for Amy to walk down the aisle on 30th July!

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