It has been a fairly hectic couple of days at BF Adventure with lots going on to drag me away from the office and the hatchery.  I feel as though I may have been neglectful not checking on them as often as I should so I came up with a plan to put some quality time in with the chicks-to-be.

There have been many studies done on how sound affects unborn babies and researchers are still trying to determine if there is a definitive connection between playing music for unborn babies and their wellbeing and even intelligence.  There is some evidence that suggests that playing music to an unborn baby will help his or her brain to develop. The thought is that new experiences such as music allows for neuron connections to be built in the brain.







I have created a playlist for the hatchery which is hopefully going to help them grow and develop in-egg, here are some of the highlights:

Embryo – Pink Floyd

The Heat is on – Glen Fray

Hatching – The Cinematic Orchestra

Cosmic Egg – Wolfmother

Happiness is Egg shaped – The seahorses

Being Boiled – The Human league

Mansun – Egg shaped Fred

Chicken Farm – Dead Kennedys

Radioeggtive – Imagine Dragons

White Chocolate space egg – Liz Phair

Requi-egg in D miner – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



If anyone has any suggestions for other great music that we love to hear your suggestions!

The Broody Hen.



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