BF Adventure is excited to announce the launch of Head Out, our new outdoor activity programme aimed at supporting young people with their mental wellbeing.

Funded by The Duchy Health Charity, Head Out is an early intervention programme for young people who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health which is having an impact on their day to day life, relationships or engagement in education. It involves an initial outreach and befriending process with site visits and taster sessions. Following this we offer 6 full day group sessions combining outdoor activities with workshops promoting resilience, social skills and building confidence. Workshops may include relevant topics such as; strategies to help with managing anxiety, healthy relationships and body image.

As with all our core programmes young people will be able to outline their own aims and goals for the programme, differences they would like to make and how they can go about achieving this with our support.

We offer 1:1 support alongside the programme and can attend meetings with parents, school and other professionals to support with positive change, re-engagement and access to other services.

Spaces are limited but we also have other provision available for young people requiring higher levels of support or for those within a different age range. Contact Jeni Stephens for more information.

"For the first time in a very long time, S came home with the biggest smile. I can’t thank you enough... you made her believe in herself, not many people take the time to do that"