Are you interested in our programmes?

Anyone can enquire about our programmes and activities. We are happy to discuss your needs and give advice about suitable programmes. Many of our youth programmes have to be “referred to”.

What does “referred to” mean?

It means that a recommendation has to be made by someone who thinks that a young person would benefit from experiencing one of our activity programmes. These “referrers” are people who have the ability to make professional assessments of young people or have access to funding streams to enable young people to take part in programmes.

Who can refer young people to us?

•  Connexions Personal Advisors
•  Youth Workers
•  School Teachers
•  Colleges
•  SENCO’s
•  Education Welfare staff
•  Health workers
•  Behaviour Support Team
•  Parent Support Advisors / Family workers
•  Social Workers

The referral process will include:

  • Discussions to assess the young person or group you wish to refer
  • The option to speak to or meet the young person to aid engagement
  • An assessment form to complete
  • Agreement of funding stream (if applicable)
  • End of term report written by our experienced instructors on the young person’s engagement and achievements whilst at BFA


We welcome calls from any young person, parent or carer who want to find out more about how to link up with a referrer.

If you are a referrer, please feel free to contact our Education Manager Paul Cox for advice and information about any of our programmes so we can help you to support young people in engaging in positive activities.