A big THANK YOU to our partners

"Electric Dialogue is delighted to be a corporate partner of BF Adventure. After meeting the BF Adventure Team at Cornwall Business Fair, we visited their amazing facility and really wanted to help spread the word about the differences the charity makes to the lives of young people in Cornwall.  Through supporting BF Adventure’s claim for a Google Grant and managing their search engine advertising, we have helped raise awareness of their activities, promote specific events such as the Corporate Team Building days, bring in donations and recruit volunteers.  We are looking forward to experiencing the Business Challenge first hand in 2016!”

Why become a corporate partner for BF Adventure?

1. Cornwall is one of the poorest counties in the UK. Analysis by the EU's Eurostat show that Britain has one of the worst NEET figures (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training) in Europe at around one million.

2. BF Adventure helps these young people from often very difficult social backgrounds, to believe in themselves and work towards accreditations that help them to succeed in (or re-integrate back into) school or find further training or employment.

3. For some of the children BF Adventure is the only source of education or appropriate social contact they have.

4. As young people gain trust they also seek advice with us about other important subjects such as domestic violence, drug abuse and housing issues.

5. Many of the children and young people who take part in our programmes successfully return to school or college or go on to start apprenticeships after leaving their programme with us.

6. As a BF Adventure Corporate partner you can make a difference in your local community and demonstrate your companies values by supporting young people in Cornwall to move towards a bright future.

As our corporate partner we will involve you as much or as little as you like, but you will also receive great benefits like:

•  Free or discounted team building days worth up to £500 for your staff
•  Your logo on our website
•  PR coverage

•  Mentioning in our monthly newsletter and other promotional activities
•  Being associated with a good local cause that makes a difference to the Future of Cornwall
•  Opportunities for your staff to volunteer

Why do we need your support?

BF Adventure has a continuous programme for upgrade and expansion to meet the demands of government commissioning of services, and the ever increasing need to support disadvantaged and disengaged young people and vulnerable adults in Cornwall.

Over the next  3 years there is a need to find resources for:

•  New residential accommodation for up to 40 people
•  An indoor sports hall for bad weather days and Winter months
•  Additional class room space
•  To replace equipment for our range of activities
•  Funding for key staff roles including accreditation, young people engagement/support and structured volunteering

If you would like more information please contact us via:

01326 340912