"I would like to say thank you, BF Adventure for helping me find my real skills. I haven't laughed in a long time but there I did all the time."

Susie (8) from Camborne.

July 2013:-

AB is an adopted child, diagnosed with an attachment disorder. His numeracy, literacy and reading levels are below average for his age and this is linked to delayed emotional development. He has a real fear of failure and can become agitated and distressed when put under pressure.

Before being referred to BF he was excluded from school and at risk of being moved out of county to a special facility with a bleak future in store.

AB however enjoys learning through practical activity, his believed that a key approach for AB would be a focus upon ‘activities which are challenging and satisfying, but have a clear progression in level of difficulties to enable learning to take place.’ That’s what we do best….after 2 years with us AB is settled with parents and leaving BF to begin full time schooling in the local area.

Rob Gasson the Head of Alternative Education Provision in Cornwall has stated that our interventions made all the difference in keeping AB within county and in supporting him towards mainstream education.  BF has made a MASSIVE difference to his life and also saved the county and its tax payers £100,000 a year in provision costs.

June 2013:-

I have been informed that following a successful visit to Cornwall College last week BC will be starting a pre 16 course from Monday 6th June.  Thank you so much for all your support with BC, the provision and support have really helped him to focus on something positive during an otherwise difficult time for him.


Feedback from a Short Breaks (for disabled children) Family:

1. Why did you choose BF Adventure for your family / child?
It is able to offer a service that no other agency is able to offer!! It understands the difficulties surrounding the inclusion of children with special needs; it gives the parent a sense of re-assurance that their child will not feel ‘different’ during their stay. This in turn promotes a sense of ‘good feeling’ with the child & parent.

2. What benefits did your family / child get from our Short Breaks service (Improved self esteem, confidence, personalized service, chance to take part in something different etc.)

 Family The benefits are too extensive to write on paper.  However, as a single parent I found great support at BF Adventure and allowing me to have fun with my son and to see what he can achieve in an environment such as BF.

 Child -  My son’s behavior/understanding of the world around him gained much momentum; his self-esteem and confidence increased tenfold.  Most importantly, he was able to do more independent tasks at home, ranging from personal hygiene to turning a page in a book and writing skills.


I'd just like to say a big thanks to BF and to everyone who works there. Coming there since day one...I loved it! I'm starting a new course studying outdoor adventure because of the inspiration at BF :)!"

Ex- Freestyle client

Tim (17): “I dropped out of college last year. Most days the police would come around my house and I had problems with alcohol and drugs. BF Adventure has given me something worth getting up for in the morning. I know now that I have so many possibilities in life if only I put my mind to it. I am going back to college in September to become a mechanic.”

Josh (15): “I was homeless before I came to BFA. Everyone was really nice and friendly and they helped me to find somewhere to stay. Through the programme I have become much more confident and I have learnt how to deal with problems. After the E2E course my instructor helped me to find a volunteer position with a local garage and I will soon start an apprenticeship with them.”

Joe (17) joined a behavioural programme at BF, he was not achieving much in his life other than regularly getting drunk with his friends. BF Adventure has turned his life around. He moved from our ‘Freestyle’ course on to our ‘Entry to Employment’ group and after successful completion of the programme has now found employment with a popular local restaurant in Cornwall as an apprentice chef.

Another great story is the one of Vince, who came to BF Adventure when he was 13, being, in his own words: “a trouble maker that was up to no good".  Vince came back to BF Adventure as a volunteer and peer mentor for a residential camp for children in foster care, which was held here and managed by one of our partner organisations.

Vince, now a role model for other young people, is looking to become a youth worker as a career. Of BF Adventure he says: “Everyone has been amazing and my instructors were always there for me when I needed help – BF Adventure has really changed my life. Thank you so much!”